Needle punching is a craft of looping wool. The looping gives a pattern rug appearance. I learned this cool craft at a workshop. I fell in love with punch needle. For me it's like drawing a picture and colouring it in will different colour wool.  At this workshop I got my own needle punch kit to bring home. It is making a big comeback. When you learn how to do it you’ll be hooked. Its addictive and very therapeutic. I found I was looking forward to evenings sitting watching Netflix and punching.



Tools you will need; Hessian or linen scrim An embroidery hoop Lots of wool Needle punch You can draw a design onto your hessian or scrim. The first needle punch I did was a very simple design. I practiced and practiced my technique. I sewed my first needle punch design onto a cushion I had. Then I decided to try and make a rug.


To start I drew the words “Get Naked” onto my scrim with a sharpie or felt marker. I used the wooden hoop. I had to keep moving the hoop along. I used chunky wool for this mat. When I finished the punching I made wool pompoms for the edging. I was delighted with how this turned out. I wanted to make more cute accessories for my home with this craft.

If you would like to try punch needle see link to kits.


With punch needle, your tool pierces the fabric on one side and leaves a loop on the other. Traditionally projects are worked from the back so that one side may look like embroidery, while the looped right side looks more like a hooked rug.