Punch Needle is so addictive and enjoyable. I attended a Punch Needle workshop and fell in love with this craft. 

I couldn’t wait to try it home myself. I found that like anything, the more I practiced the better I got at needle punching. I got myself some chunky wool and scrim or hessian.  See punch needle started kits here;


I finished my punch needle with the embroidery hoop design. I tried punching a seagrass basket


Looking at it I thought I would try to punch it. So, I loaded my punch needle with wool and I was so excited to see it was working. It’s like drawing/colouring in with wool.

Needle Punch Basket

When I finished I wanted to try out more designs. So I got more baskets and did a rainbow cloud and sunshine design and my favourite” Simone” with the crazy curly hair and pom pom necklace. These are a real colourful show stopper in my home. I love them.

Punch Needle baskets

sLeopard Print Design

Now I run workshops showing how to punch baskets. I also sell punch needle kits on my website. This is something you have to try. Make something beautiful for your home.

Get your own adjustable punch needle on my website *see link