A very easy craft to update you child’s bedroom. A wool tassel wall hanging.

It is so effective and colourful. You can choose your own colours to suit your home. This is a real show stopper in my daughter’s bedroom. This would be gorgeous in a nursery. I made this for my teenage daughter’s bedroom. It is suitable for all ages and is super easy to make. You need minimal craft skills for this one.

All you need for this is hard cardboard , wool, scissors and a darning needle. I made mine in the evenings with my feet up watching Netflix.

Start off by making your tassels. Depending on how big you want your tassel wall hanging. If you want a large one you will need lots of tassels.

I would recommend a hard cardboard that will not bend too easy. Wrap you wool around the cardboard. The more wool you wrap around the thicker and fuller you tassel will be.

After you have wrapped enough wool around the cardboard the next thing to do is tie a piece of wool at the top of you tassel. Tie it really tight as this piece of wool is holding the tassel together.

Tie another piece of wool in the middle of the tassel.

Now you just need to trim it with a good sharp scissors.

Congratulations you made a tassel.

Making your tassel

After you make your tassels you can start darning them together. I used a darning needle with a good sized eye so I can fit my wool through it.

Cut your wool the length you want your wallhanging. Thread through the top of the tassel . Pull the wool through and tie a large knot at the bottom of the wool. This will stop the tassel sliding off.

strong>Threading your tassel with a darning needle

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