If I’m not skip diving I’m trolling online looking for something I can buy and give a new lease of life for my home. I had been looking for a cool drinks trolley for a while. I was in and out of charity shops but couldn’t find the one.

I found this one for €10 online. When I collected it , it was in good condition. It just needed a good clean.

My drinks Trolley before

The gold part of the trolley was a bit tarnished so I re-sprayed it gold. You can pick up a good paint spray in your local hardware.

Make sure your surface is clean and dry before you start spray painting. Shake the can for 3/4 mins. Press the tip down about 12″ away from the surface. Sweep the can horizontally. You may need a second coat.

After spray painting the trolley gold. I re-painted the black rubber wheels. I also added a marble look adhesive to the three trays. You can get this marble look film in any good hardware. It’s a self adhesive roll. You can cut it to the size you need.

I picked up really cool shot glasses and glass decanters in my local charity shop. You can style your trolley to suit you own decor.