Manknolia Bathroom Before

My bathroom was 15 years old and Magnolia. What was I thinking picking a magnolia tile!! .I was three months pregnant and my daughter was a 1 year old (Irish twins) so I blame my raging hormones. When we moved to our new build home we got a tile allowance. I used it all up on this bathroom. These tiles were really expensive at the time. I put floor tiles onto the wall. This was a big mistake because when I was getting my fixtures and shower fitted with plumber couldn’t drill into the this floor tiles.

I decided to get rid of my bath. It was taking up too much space in my bathroom. I never use it. I used to uses it a lot more when the girls were younger. I don’t have the patience to sit in a bath so I never use it and my husband has never step foot in our bath. I was only using it to wash my Shih Tzu. So I made the decision to get rid of it and get a large walk in shower.

I went for a half and half tile on the wall

I wanted my new bathroom to be a little different. I get inspiration from bars, hotels and restaurants. When I am out I check out he loos and often take photos. I went to The Hoxton Hotel in London and fell in love with the bathroom in my hotel room. It had this interlock look on the wall tiles. So rather than a straight line where the tiles meet they look like they are interlocked. Like lego! So I snapped photos and showed them to my tiler.

I went for a dark floor. After having the Magnolia tiles for years I knew how hard it was to keep them clean. These tiles are Laura Ashley Wicker Charcoal floor tiles. They are really easy to keep clean.

From MANKNOLIA to this!!!!

I decided to spray it bubble gum pink to add a pop of colour. These towel warmers are available at Niko Bathrooms love the pink & green combo. It is a real feature in the bathroom and I love it!! Oh and I painted the ceiling pale pink!!

Bathroom make over complete

I got all my bathroom tiles, sink, toilet and sink vanity in The Bathroom Factory Store

I painted the ceiling pale pink