Here I go again with my pom poms. I added tiny pom poms to a jumper I picked up in a charity shop for €4. I thought pom poms all over the jumper would be too much so I just added 5 small pom poms to each sleeve.



Pom pom makers
I used the smallest size pom pom maker to make my pom poms. You can get these pom pom makers here





Use an old jumper, you will need:

* Darning needle

* Pom Pom makers

* Chunky wool

* Sharp scissors

* Jumper or cardigan

Using a darning needle sew on the pom poms

I used chunky wool for these poms poms. They are so quick to make when using chunky wool. Using a darning needle sew the pom pom onto the jumper.

Sewing on the pompoms

Space out the pompoms
I used the design on the jumper as a guide to place my pom poms. This is such a fun project. Ideal to do with children. Choose your own colour wool!! Your making a piece that no one else will have. A unique jumper.

See how to make pompoms here..