I love a gallery wall in my home. I have one in each room. My daughter’s attic bedroom needed some artwork. As it is an attic bedroom with an apex roof, I was limited with wall space for a gallery wall. I decided to use the highest walls in her bedroom, behind an old vintage dressing table.

A mini gallery wall in the attic

I was gifted beautiful prints from https://www.sarahwoods.net/shop I loved the quotes and thought they were suitable for my teenage daughter’s bedroom. Inspirational quotes and beautiful illustrations.

How to do a gallery wall 

I often get asked how to do a gallery wall. I don’t really have a plan. I just get my hammer and nail (yes I use a hammer & nail to hang my pictures) and I just start at the top and work my way down. You can plan out your gallery wall. A good tip is to lay all the pictures on the floor to see the layout before you hang it on the wall. Choose your prints. I think it is a personal choice. Choose prints & photos you like. I like to keep an even space between each frame.

Posters from theposterstore

Frames I get my frames from Charity shops, Ikea & The Range. I like to use a mismatch of frames. I like Ikea frames and I also like the old wooden frames. I picked mine up in my local charity shop.

I also like to mix multiple styles of prints. I am a fan of typography. I also love bright bold eye catching images.

I was delighted to get the opportunity to do a gallery wall in Ikea. It was a festive gallery wall for Christmas. You don’t always have to stick to pictures on your gallery wall. I like to add different pieces. Here, we hung a floating shelf, a clock and some greenery as well as beautiful pictures. You can also add mirrors and fairy lights.


Creating a gallery wall is an easy way to bring style and personality to your home. All you need is a hammer, nails and artwork and your favorite knick knacks.

The peach room

Check out these shops for posters and pictures.