You can use whatever colour you want and you can also change the size of you squares. I chose a large square design. If you want a smaller buffalo check measure smaller horizontal and vertical stripes.

Ok lets get started..


4 colours of paint
Measuring tape/ ruler
Spirit level
Frog tape
Roller/ paint tray

Warm water and fabric softener to remove wallpaper.

My daughter’s attic bedroom had a feature wall with a leafy green wallpaper. I stripped off the wallpaper. As it is just one wall I used the squishy bottle warm water and fabric softer hack. So, fill an empty squishy bottle with warm water and fabric softener. Squirt the wall paper (soak the wall) leave for about 10 mins and the paper should come off easily. Plus your room will smell fabulous from the fabric softener!!

If you are stripping a room or larger area I would recommend hiring a steamer. This little hack is ideal for a small space.

Wallpaper be gone…

Once I removed all the wall paper. I filled in any holes with a filler. I gave the wall two coats of Optiva 20 Tikkurila white semi matt. 

Measure your horizontal stripes

Using a ruler and pencil I measured 12″ gap in between each horizontal stripe. I marked the wall with pencil. You can use a spirit level to make sure you masking tape is straight.

Using a ruler measure 12″ in between each stripe

Decide on a colour scheme. Once you have chosen a colour for the gingham wall you need to pick your main colour and use 4 colours (a base colour, a light colour, a medium colour and a dark colour). My base colour was white. These are the shades of blue I used from Carlow Paint hub

I started with the palest of my blues. I gave it two coats. I removed the frog tape while the paint was wet so I could remove any bleeding with a baby wipe while the paint was wet.

Vertical Stripes

I did two coats of the pale blue. You need to leave this to dry over night before starting the vertical stripes. Allow the paint to dry so it doesn’t come off with the frog tape.

Next step is to mark out the horizontal stripes. I did 10″ gaps in between my vertical stripes. It’s up to you if you want a smaller square.

I used frog tape.  

Use a good quality frog tape

Measure your vertical stripes

Vertical stripes ready to paint

The next colour your painting on the vertical stripe is a darker shade of your horizontal stripe. I used the zebra palm pro brush from Carlow Paint Hub to cut on before I rolled on my paint. Allow 24 for paint to dry before you do your final square.



Painted Vertical Stripes

Your final square is the darkest colour. Using frog tape box off the boxes on the horizontal blue stripe.

Your finished buffalo check wall

All paint and supplies for this makeover is from Carlow Paint Hub. You can order online at