I don’t know what it is about pompoms that make me smile. I think they remind me of my childhood. The are just so colourful and happy.

With only 4 more sleeps till Christmas day. I want to show you how I made this beautiful pom pom pudding. This can be used as a Christmas tree decoration. Or you can do what I did. I will use it as a name place on the dinner table on Christmas day. So your guests and family members get to take home their personalised pom pom pudding and hang it on the Christmas tree.

Lets get started. So, for this craft you will need:

Pom pom makers
Green felt
Sharp scissors
Darning needle


Start by wrapping four different colour wool around the pom pom maker. This will give you a pudding speckle look. I used green, black, yellow and brown wool.



When one side of the pom pom is full move onto the other side. Use white wool for this part. This is the icing on the pom pom pudding.

Using a scissors or a knitting needle push the wool inside the pom pom to get an uneven effect. The line between the white and speckled part of the pudding is straight, you want it too look uneven like icing dripping down the pudding.

Trim your pom pom

I think the secret to a perfect pom pom is the trimming. I trim mine back really tight using a good sharp scissors. A small scissors is great or a nail scissors.

Make the red berries

Use the smallest pom pom maker for the red berries. I trimmed them back to make them even smaller.

Cut holly leaves

Cut out two holly leaves. If you are not confident enough to draw these holly leaves free hand. You can down load an image off the internet, print it off and use as template for two holly leaves.

Use a darning needle and green wool to thread on berries and holly

Use a darning needle to thread the red berries and the green felt holly.

Tie a knot

Darn from the bottom part of the pom pom. So the speckled part. Tie a knot at the bottom of the wool and push up through the pom pom.Sew berry and holly

The next step is to add the name. I used old cardboard I had. Draw a rectangle shape with a V at the end with a ruler and pencil. Then cut it out.

Sew on the name tag

So that’s how you make a pom pom pudding. You family and friends will get to take it home and enjoy it!!